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Richelle Detillieux

Richelle was born and raised in Prince Albert and lives here with her husband and two beautiful children. She is currently on maternity leave but will be returning to our office January 2021. 

Richelle has been working alongside Nicole as a legal assistant for the last ten years and is also our office bookkeeper. She is an asset to the firm handling all responsibilities from preparation of court documents to correspondence. Richelle is the main liaison between Nicole and the clients when Nicole is away for any extended periods of time. 

Richelle is usually the first smiling face you will see when you enter the doors of the office. Her calm and reassuring nature are very much appreciated by many of our new clients who are apprehensive when reaching out to a law firm for the first time. 

She is also a jack of all trades and is always willing to help out, whether it be for designing new office stationery, building a desk or a construction project involving a drill or hammer, you name it, she's there and reliable!

When Richelle is not at work, she enjoys doing any activities that bring her together with her family. 

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