Hello everybody!


As we have now begun 2021 we would like to do another promotion to help support other local businesses in our community, especially during times like these! Being a small local business ourselves, we appreciate the support from our past and present clients. We also support other businesses, some of whom have been clients of ours over the years and/or who we have relied on to support our own families in various ways.


We at Nicole A. Sawchuk, Lawyers & Mediators, are looking to create opportunity to highlight and support some local businesses, in association with our own firm, by doing another special promotional offer. If you have a small business, or know of someone who does, and may be interested in having your/their business included, please contact my office so we can provide further information on how your business can be featured in our up and coming promotion.


Please contact our office at sawchuk@sawchuklaw.ca or phone 306.922.3323 for further information.


Keep watching for details to be posted soon!